Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting ready for my daughter's upcoming wedding...

She has picked her mom to do the little things...cake, decorations, favors, and shopping!!! She is 40, and finally found someone to walk life She is a country girl...
So, she loves frogs, dragonflies and butterflies. She loves purple and blue. So her flowers will be blue, purple and white with a touch of black beads. Her favors are going to be handcrochet butterflies and dragonflies with a clip to attach to things along with little frog candles for the tables.
This is a practice one, not happy with the body so will keep looking for something that will work other than the pipe cleaner. Also thinking of adding a few jeweled beads/glitter for bling! Will just wait and see what time brings. Have a few months to perfect/improve it to my liking. Just those poptops with single crochet stitch. It is cool, just needs a clip and to get fancy for a wedding!
The little ladies where she works are going to give her squares of cloth to have the guests sign on them, and make her a wall quilt instead of a guestbook.
Her cake....hmmm... let's see...maybe a waterfall into a pond with butterflies and dragonflies hovering around and a couple of little frogs sitting together!!

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